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 Agency Fees

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PostSubject: Agency Fees   Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:14 pm

I am working with an agency (in order to receive Government Accredited Funding), and the agency I work with charges $105 a month. Is this a fair amount? What are other agency fees? I feel as though the agency I work with pockets extra cash on months that the child is not in my care full time, but parents are still charged their full fee. Any advice or suggestions on an agency who is fair, doesn't charge too much, and is who is accredited?
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PostSubject: Re: Agency Fees   Sun Sep 08, 2013 4:30 pm

$105 is on the high side. There are agencies that charge less (Davar Childcare Society charges $75/child full time) Call around... most will tell you over the phone what their fees are (tell them you are thinking of changing agencies) If the parents are contracted full time and are paying the full fee you should be receiving the full fee minus the agency fee-of course. The parents are paying for the spot- wether or not the parents choose to bring the child doesn't matter, the only thing that should affect how much you get paid is if you close (are unavailable to provide care) The agencies I've worked for in the past will than doc you for missed days and pay backup providers or refund the parents. (Which makes sense to me) If you feel your paycheque isn't correct-ask them. You should have a copy of your clients contracts and therefore know what what each client is paying. if your not happy shop around....That's what I did!!! Good Luck!!
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Agency Fees
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